Stationen is a restaurant in Longyearbyen opened in July 2018. We serve traditional Norwegian food alongside with international dishes. Everything is home made with compassion and served with an original touch.
We have a wide and varied menu consisting of dishes suitable for lunch and dinner. We also have a daily special with focus on traditional Norwegian cuisine. Our large beer selection and our broad wine- and bar menu complement the food.

Stationen is at a quite historical place in Longyearbyen mining history. Lompensenteret, which is now a shopping mall, was a former wardrobe for the miners. The corner of the building where we are located was earlier «cafè Busen», the local cafè where the miners were served traditional Norwegian food alongside with good stories about everyday life in Longyearbyen.

The name Stationen and the design is after another, but as well important, part of Svalbard history; the whale hunting period from the early 17th- and late 18th century. During this period all eyes in Europe was on Svalbard and the values marine life could offer. Whale hunting stations were established on large parts of the island, and it is from here we have take the name Stationen, and in our design we want to expess this great period. And there is of course a whale dish or two on the menu!


Table reservations

More than 10 people? Please call +47 79 02 20 20, or send an e-mail to


Visiting address: Lompensenteret, 9170 Longyearbyen

Opening hours: 11.00-00.00 (Mo-Th) 11.00-02.00 (Fr-Sa) 16.00-22.00 (Sun)

Postadress: Postboks 900 9171 Longyearbyen

79 02 20 20

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